Outsourcing product photography | 4 benefits you need to consider


In the world of ecommerce, product photography serves as the virtual storefront of any ecommerce business, creating a visual narrative that can either make or break a customer’s purchasing decision. Automated product photography is a game-changing innovation that holds the promise of simplifying, accelerating, and cost-effectively transforming product presentation.


What is automated product photography?

Automated product photography leverages cutting-edge technology to streamline the image capture process. POP is powered by world-leading technology Orbitvu that ensures precision and efficiency, revolutionising the way businesses showcase their products.

However, not all businesses have the resources, time or skills readily available to commit to automated product photography – or simply don’t have a large enough product range to commit to owning your own machine. That’s where outsourcing product photography comes to play.


Here are 4 benefits of outsourcing your product photography

1. Cost-effectiveness

Outsourcing your product photography is a more cost-effective option. By simply paying a fixed fee per image or product, you eliminate the high cost of setting up your own studio – including purchasing equipment, finding the right space as well as recruiting and resourcing a photographer.

Essentially, your costs are fixed and with a low price per image, you can easily make up the cost of photography with just a few sales. By choosing to partner with a business like POP who uses automated product photography, costs are further reduced per image as the machinery takes care of time-consuming production and post-production tasks.

Check out our competitive pricing packages here and if you have 50+ products, talk to us about bulk rates.


2. Improved consistency

Let’s face it, people love consistency. It looks good, it’s professional and gives a sense of harmony. This is true on every level and especially in ecommerce. According to a Marq report:

“Brands that are consistently presented experience an average revenue boost of 10-20%” (source)

Consistency is key in both branding and customer satisfaction as it plays a fundamental role in crafting a seamless online shopping experience. Professional photographers understand this, and automated product photography ensures that you will have consistent lighting and angles across all product images. Ultimately, ensuring a cohesive and polished look across your website, social media and other marketing materials.

Citta design’s website pictured below, is a great example of what good looks like.

ecommerce product photography examp Citta design website shot example from footwear website


  • Simple and engaging
  • Neutral background tone
  • Right product image size
  • Consistent drop shadow
  • Lighting always the same
  • Angles

Outsourcing your product photography to professionals that have automated photography equipment is key to maintaining visual consistency and building rapport with your brand and with customer’s perceptions. POP ensures that every product, whether you have ten or ten thousand, receives the same high-quality visual treatment.


3. Faster turnaround time

Regardless of if you’re a small to medium-sized enterprise or a large retailer, every resource is precious.

With dedicated image experts working on your products, you can expect faster turnaround times compared to handling photography inhouse. This agility is especially valuable when launching new products or time-sensitive marketing campaigns and staying ahead of the competition.

POP’s automated product photography solutions minimises the time required to capture and process images. With streamlined efficiency, high quality product images are within arm’s reach (and within your inbox in 5 days or less)


4. Guarantees high quality images

The saying ‘a picture speaks a thousand words’ rings true and product images are no different.

When you outsource your ecommerce product photography, you are working with professionals with specialist expertise in product photography. Their experience and technical knowledge ensure your products are showcased in the best possible light – literally and figuratively!

Alongside guaranteed high-quality images – outsourcing product photography gives you time, capacity and resources to concentrate on areas of your own strengths and get back to doing what you do best.


Ask yourself, is there a better way you could be producing your product images? What if you could improve your image quality, consistently showcase your product range, get your products online faster, all at a fraction of the cost of traditional product photography? If you are nodding your head to all of this then choose POP as your photography partner. Outsourcing has never been easier and we’re here to help. We are committed to making professional product photography accessible for all Kiwi businesses. Whether you’re just starting out or scaling for growth. Investing wisely in imagery ensures a lasting impact on your customers and ultimately boosts sales.


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